The Short

“The Young Leif Saga” is an volunteer based animated short, written and directed by Joël Gibbs. A small idea, being fuelled by passion and determination,  it is currently being made by a collaboration of artists around the world.


The year is 1020. Thyrker, an old German man reminisces on a special moment in his life. It was a dark moment, one when he and a very young boy were at crossroads, and decisions would affect destinies. The young boy had nothing, save the smallest glint of hope, which was fleeting by the minute. The impact of Thyrker’s decision that night, would echo down the centuries as it steered this young boy, Leif Eriksson, down a path that would lead his him to greatness and world renown.


Leif  Eriksson

We stumble into this story we Leif is about 10 years old.

Usually a fun young boy full of life, always seeking an adventure. He’s recently experienced a traumatic event and is dealing with the after math. His family has disappeared, his family’s farm has been burned down and someone is after him.

Age: 10 years old
Height: 5ft3


This old German man is a Renaissance man before the time. He’s been a servant to Leif Eriksson father for many years. But now, the master and his family are gone leaving only him and Leif.  He must decide what he will do: leave this boy and pursue his own freedom, or stay and fulfill his vow.

Age: 55 years old
Height: 6ft1